Oolong Tea Health Benefits | A Cup of Oolong Goes a Long Way

We've been saying "stay healthy" all year, but actions speak louder than words. We've rounded up the key health benefits of Oolong tea so that you can proactively stay healthy. Did you know that tea was originally used as medicine? And it continues to be used to treat the body and mind in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). So read on and seriously, stay healthy.

What is Oolong?

Oolong tea is slightly oxidized and fermented. This means the flavor has more depth and complex notes than green tea, but it's not as strong or dark as black tea. There are countless varieties of Oolong tea, but only Taiwanese Oolong tea is called the 'champagne of tea'. Us Two Tea's Homesick and Osmanthus Oolong tea are a type called high mountain Oolong. Grown on a 5,000 ft mountain in Taiwan, this Oolong has a fresh and balanced taste thanks to the clean air, consistent mist, and cool temperatures.

Oolong tea benefits:
Strengthens immune system

Full of antioxidants that prevent cellular damage, Oolong tea is best known for strengthening the immune system. Winter is here and COVID is also, still here. Keep your immune system strong and start the new year even stronger with a daily cup of Oolong tea.  

Boosts metabolism

Oolong tea is often referred to as the 'weight loss tea' and there's scientific reason for that. The polyphenol in Oolong tea can raise your metabolism for up to two hours, helping you burn off those holiday treats. By the way, Oolong tea pairs nicely with chocolate and fruity desserts. 

Aids digestion

Not only does Oolong tea use up stored fat in the body, it also helps break down fatty foods. Tis' the season for comfort foods and heavy meals, which can take a toll on your digestive system and overall health. With Oolong tea by your side, you can have your cake and eat it too. 

What is Osmanthus?

Osmanthus is a small fragrant flower grown in Asia. Its sweet floral scent is sought after by perfumers and tea makers alike. Osmanthus Oolong tea is created by infusing Oolong tea leaves with the fragrance of Osmanthus flowers. The marriage of sweet Osmanthus and woodsy Oolong is a soothing fragrance that is truly rare.

Osmanthus Oolong tea benefits:
Respiratory health 

Osmanthus flower is known to keep your lungs healthy and clear phlegm from the throat. If you suffer from allergies or congestion, this is the tea for you. No one wants to be caught coughing in public right now so keep your respiratory system healthy with Osmanthus Oolong.


In TCM, Osmanthus flowers are used to detoxify the kidneys and liver. While our bodies remove toxins everyday, you can give it a natural boost with Osmanthus Oolong. Regular drinkers will notice improved energy levels, metabolism, and immune systems.

Moisturizes Skin

The air outside is cold and the heater is on all day, causing dry, flaky skin. While we typically reach for more lotion, TCM uses Osmanthus flowers to treat dry skin. Moisturize from the inside out with Osmanthus Oolong tea. 


These are just a few of the many ways that Oolong tea and Osmanthus Oolong tea can improve your health. With so many health benefits, a cup of Oolong goes a long way. Commit to your health and take care of your loved ones by sharing a cup of Oolong tea. 

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