The Tea Variety Pack: All Four Teas

$22 $25

The complete set of all four flavors, packed with love from Us to You.

What’s included:
All four flavors: BaoZhong Tea, Black Tea, Jasmine Tea, and Oolong Tea including 5 tea bags of each.

Why it's special:
• BaoZhong Tea - Creamy notes with just a hint of fresh melon to help strengthen bones, lower blood sugar levels, and promote weight loss. 
• Black Tea - Aromatic honey combined with its naturally sweet taste boost brain functionality and provide more energy. 
• Jasmine Tea- Floral with a pleasantly bitter taste combined to relieve physical and mental stress.
• Oolong Tea- A combination of gentle grass notes combined to boost metabolism and the immune system. 

How to brew: 
1. Place cold water into a kettle or pot (cold water = more oxygen) 
2. Heat water to 180 - 210 degrees Fahrenheit (82.2 - 98.9 degrees Celsius) 
3. As it begins to boil, place in the tea bag (1 tea bag = 8oz ) 
4. Let it steep for 1 - 3 min (the longer the steeping = more bitter / stronger flavor) 

Summer special: Add ice to make iced tea!  

Spill the Tea 🍵 💖

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