Baozhong Tea

Palate cleansing Taiwanese Baozhong tea to share with family and friends

Baozhong is the perfect tea to share with family and friends after a meal. This tea will balance your blood sugar levels and cleanse your palate, leaving a refreshing creamy melon aroma in your mouth. 

What is Baozhong Tea?

Baozhong is also known as ‘green oolong tea’ due to its oceanic and mild grassy aroma, similar to green tea. As it does not undergo any roasting process, it is often considered similar to oolong tea. This tea is preferred by Jasmine tea drinkers for its floral aroma and characteristics. In terms of taste, this tea has a distinct flavor that is creamy, intense, bittersweet, and offers melon and flowery undernotes. Its flavor is closer to oolong tea but offers lesser infusions. Unlike oolong tea which requires higher altitudes and cool air for better growth, Baozhong is grown in lower altitude areas. Despite its strong aroma, this tea is best for daily tea drinkers.

Caffeine Content

Due to its oolong tea characteristics, it contains moderate levels of caffeine. These levels vary depending on harvesting, processing, and steep time. The caffeine content in Baozhong is less than oolong tea.

Baozhong Tea Benefits

Baozhong tea provides benefits similar to both oolong and green teas. Its amino acid, catechin, and chlorophyll content are known to assist in weight loss. Other advantages include a reduction in blood sugar levels and reduced risks of heart failure.

Where to Buy Baozhong Tea?

Although this tea was first grown in Fujian in China, today it is predominantly grown in Taiwan’s Taipei and Pinglin districts. If you are curious about where to buy Baozhong tea, Us Two Tea’s premium Baozhong tea is just for you. This high quality tea is a perfect option for a relaxing evening with its low catechin content and high L-theanine compounds.