Jasmine Tea

Calming & de-stressing tea Taiwanese jasmine tea

Jasmine is a delicate white flower with a sweet and warm fragrance. When this calming scent is infused into a base of green or black tea, it's called Jasmine tea. Jasmine tea is natural aromatherapy. The aroma of jasmine flower tea is an antidepressant and one of the best natural sedatives. Taking in the jasmine aroma can be as effective as sleeping pills. 

Which is the Best Jasmine Tea?

The manufacturing techniques of jasmine tea differ as per tea grades. In some types of jasmine tea, loose tea leaves are blended with jasmine flowers. A premium quality best jasmine tea is light scented with top quality jasmine bloom.

Prime Jasmine Tea Benefits

Jasmine tea provides dual benefits to tea drinkers. The tea base and scent of the jasmine blossoms offer individual benefits and boost the immune system. Jasmine tea has a calming and relaxing effect due to the presence of the l-theanine compound in its tea base. It is also known to improve alertness and digestion. Another prominent jasmine tea benefit is its high antioxidant content which maintains cellular health. The polyphenols in the tea also enhance skin health.

Does Jasmine Tea Have Caffeine?

Yes, almost all jasmine tea blends contain caffeine, but their levels vary depending on their tea base. The caffeine content in white tea is lowest, followed by green tea, and highest in black tea. The caffeine levels also depend on the brewing quantity of a cup. It varies, as per harvest seasons, processing, water temperature while brewing, steep time, and tea varietal.

Where to buy Jasmine Tea?

If you’ve been wondering where to buy jasmine tea, you’ve come to the right place. We directly source our jasmine tea from family tea farms in PingLin, Taiwan. Here, the tea leaves are grown at high altitudes, in nutrient-rich soil, and in a clean environment that’s perfect for growing tea. Each leaf is handpicked and treated with meticulous care by our farmers.