Holiday Guide to Gifting Asian Women-Owned Brands

Without the usual parties and get-togethers, this holiday season will be more intimate than ever. And the same goes for gift giving. From personal relationships to social justice movements, 2020 has exposed what and who truly matter. For a year when gift giving is especially meaningful, we've curated a list of Asian women-owned brands with gifts for every type of friend and family. Scroll down to find a meaningful gift for the ones who stood by you this year. 

For the spiritual

Before Noon

Crystals, incense, essential oils, and journals - Before Noon has everything “for those struggling to navigate life's sh*t”. Sounds like the perfect gift to wrap up 2020. The ‘Tool Box’ contains their signature items in boxes titled, ‘Grounding’, ‘Focus’, and ‘Love’ (pictured above).

For the health-conscious

Five Seasons TCM

Five Seasons TCM makes Traditional Chinese Medicinal food therapy more accessible and easier than ever with curated kits of essential cuisine herbs. The website has a ton of simple recipes that even TCM beginners can follow to reap the health benefits of these natural ingredients.

For the dinner host

Uniqlay Ceramics

Uniqlay Ceramics' tableware is unique and comforting, making you want to hold each piece in your hands. Inspired by Asian traditions, all items are handmade on the potter's wheel. From side plates to ramen bowls, choose from a variety of shapes and sizes for the ones who love to cook.

For the ones that hate the cold

Us Two Tea

Us Two Tea’s gift set, ‘Blossom Tea Set’, contains two types of high quality loose leaf tea - Osmanthus Oolong tea, which is known to boost the immune system, and Jasmine tea, a natural relaxant. Keep your loved ones warm and healthy this winter with this elegant gift set.

For the eco-conscious 


Sach means 'clean' in Vietnamese and that's exactly what these candles are. From coconut wax filling to glass jar packaging with steel top lids, these candles will satisfy the eco-conscious. Each scent captures a memory related to the founders' Vietnamese heritage.

For the minimalist


okko offers seamless underwear that's practical and timeless. Meaning 'our kind of knock out', okko embraces living unapologetically and feeling unstoppable. Inspired by Asian minimalism, this gift is for the ones who prioritize clutter-free living and all-day comfort.

For the ones with kids

Ditto Skincare

Ditto is skincare for kids. Created by two moms who couldn't find gentle yet effective skincare for their girls, Ditto Skincare is high quality, natural skincare that kids and adults love to use together. Clean, tone, and hydrate with 'The Routine' or nourish with 'Mask with Me'.

For the accessorizer

Milk and Honey

These clay earrings are for the ones who don't let a mask get in the way of accessorizing. Plus, Milk and Honey is all about purchasing with purpose. For each pair, 20% of the profit will be donated to anti-human trafficking organizations in the US and around the world.

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