A taste of Taiwan


The detox gift box

Give the gift of health with Us Two Tea. Detox from the indulgence of the holiday season to reset the mind, body and soul.


Loose-leaf made simple

Authentic Taiwanese loose-leaf tea in the convenience of a tea bag. Forget all the work you have to go through to make a good cup of tea: we've done the work for you, and now it only takes a minute. Enjoy Taiwanese loose leaf tea on the go.

Why Taiwanese tea?

Taiwanese tea is often described as "The Champagne of Tea." Our tea is made naturally, and carefully cultivated by hand using centuries-old traditions. Non-GMO, no pesticides, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, no additives.

Sourced directly. Made naturally.


Our tea regions

Our planet deserves better, so do our kids.

"How chic is this Taiwanese tea?


"Oolong is mellow and sweet, slightly earthy. I like to drink it in between my appointments, it's just so healing."

Josephine (Creative* Brooklyn)

"The Baozhong is so calming and refreshing, and not heavy on my stomach. Perfect to drink after dinner." 

Stephanie (Foodie* Manhattan)

"Manhattan black smelled sweet just like tea with honey, but without honey"

Kwesi (Artist* New Jersey)