Pair Oolong Tea with Your Guilty Pleasures

Despite its many health benefits, oolong tea is best known as the weight loss tea. And for good reasons that are backed up by science. Lucky for us, oolong is also a versatile tea that pairs well with diverse flavors from brownies to cheeseburgers. No matter what you're craving, oolong tea's got you covered when it comes to your guilty pleasures. Here's why oolong is great for weight loss and what foods you should pair with your next cup of oolong tea.

Oolong tea = weight loss 

Oolong tea has a high concentration of antioxidants that can increase your metabolism by 10% and accelerate fat oxidation. Not only that, oolong tea actually reduces the absorption of carbs, fats, and glucose so you can feel less guilty and more pleasure from your meals. Oolong tea can also help out when you're trying to eat less as it reduces cravings by regulating blood sugar levels. So whether you're drinking for preventative measures or damage control, oolong tea's got your back.

What to eat with Oolong tea

Oolong tea has a complex flavor so depending on the steeping time, you will experience different notes and aromas. When lightly steeped, oolong tea complements sweet flavors while the woodsy notes that are distinctive of stronger oolong tea go well with salty foods and smoked meats and cheeses.

Sweet desserts & breakfast foods

Lightly steeped oolong tea has a green, vegetal flavor that balances out the sweetness of desserts and breakfast foods. Your sweet tooth will appreciate the fresh taste of oolong tea after fruity and sweet flavors like chocolate, caramel, and maple syrup.

Salty foods

From fries to stir fries, oolong tea has just the right amount of floral notes to balance out salty flavors without overpowering your meal. Despite the floral notes, oolong tea has a smooth body that some describe as buttery and this is what makes it pair well with salty flavors. 

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Smoked meats and cheeses

A strong cup of oolong tea has a woodsy character that brings out the flavors of dark meats like duck and smoked meats and cheeses. It also complements herby and spiced flavors like rubbed meat and BBQ. Instead of beer or wine, steep a cup of oolong tea to enjoy guilt-free meals.

Oolong is a versatile tea that pairs well with all of your guilty pleasures. Whether you need an extra metabolism boost or you're trying to curb your appetite, reach for oolong tea. With oolong tea, you can have your cake and eat it too.

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