Big Variety Pack: All Four Teas (Worth 144 cups of tea)

$38 $45

We saw how much you all loved our travel-sized variety pack, so we made it bigger and better. Expect to find the variety pack with each kind of tea with 12 sachets instead of 5. Bigger bundle, bigger savings.

What’s included:
All four flavors: BaoZhong Tea, Black Tea, Jasmine Tea, and Oolong Tea including 12 tea sachets of each.

Why it's special:
• Black Tea - Aromatic honey combined with its naturally sweet taste boosts brain functionality and provides more energy. 
• Jasmine Tea- Floral with a pleasantly bitter taste combined to relieve physical and mental stress.
• Oolong Tea- A combination of gentle grass notes blended to boost metabolism and strengthen the immune system. The grass notes combined to boost metabolism and the immune system.
• BaoZhong Tea - Creamy notes with just a hint of fresh melon to help strengthen bones, lower blood sugar levels, and promote weight loss. 

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