Our tea is directly sourced from three small family-owned farms in Taiwan. In the search for our tea farms, we went door-to-door, visiting every farm in the area and sampled dizzying amounts of tea. For our partner farmers, tea farming is not just a business, but a way of life that has been passed down for generations. We played with their children and shared home cooked meals as they let us in on their family secrets to cultivating the finest tea. Generations of pride and expertise are packed into each tea leaf and steeped into your cup. 

Carefully selected farms

We did our research and visited countless tea farms in Taiwan before selecting our three partner farms. We chose our farmers because we all share one thing in common - love and care for our product. We continue to learn and grow with our farmers and we are constantly inspired by their integrity and dedication to their tea.


Directly sourced from millennial-owned family farms

With no middle man, we get the freshest tea from our small family-owned farms. Our millennial tea farmers have great pride in their multigenerational family farms and they grow, pick, and process the tea leaves on-site using traditional practices. Our farm to cup business model reflects our respect for our tea farmers and their quality tea leaves. 



Natural & clean cultivation

Our farmers work with Mother Nature, not chemicals and pesticides. Local fruits are used to attract a special insect that leaves its saliva on the tea leaves, resulting in the deep honey aroma of our Black tea. Practicing the wisdom and expertise passed down through generations, our farmers grow tea leaves that are naturally clean and unique in taste.