The Blossom Tea Set (Osmanthus Oolong tea + Jasmine tea)

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What's in the box:
• 50g Osmanthus Oolong loose leaf tea 
• 50g Jasmine loose leaf tea

    Sip Osmanthus Oolong and Jasmine tea loose leaf style to be transported back to the Song Dynasty - a time when socializing and creating art while savoring tea was a vital act of self-preservation. A Song Dynasty poet, Wu Zi Mu said, “Every household has seven daily necessities: firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, and tea.” (柴米油盐酱醋茶) When you take a sip of Us Two Tea’s Osmanthus Oolong tea or Jasmine tea, you are sharing a collective experience with families, artists, poets, and royalty from dynasties ago and paying homage to them by drinking the beverage they did to slow down and enjoy the time. 

    Us Two Tea’s Osmanthus Oolong embodies a balanced blend of flavors designed by the expertise of our tea farmers. Each infusion releases a warm sunset on the palate - floral, fruity, woodsy, and smooth. The intoxicating scent of Osmanthus flowers is combined with high-quality oolong tea leaves sourced directly from the majestic peaks of Taiwan’s Nantou province. 

    Us Two Tea’s Jasmine is derived from a delicate combination of verdant green tea leaves and Jasmine blossoms. The fragrance that is produced is famously floral, calming, and invigorating, opening the senses and playfully reigniting the mind. Brought to your teacup from the luscious tea valleys of Taiwan’s Pinglin, our Jasmine leaves are alluring and poignant in taste and scent. 

    Brewing instructions:
    1. Pour 8oz of boiling water over 7g (1 tbsp) of loose leaf tea
    2. Steep for 4 mins for the first cup
    3. Re-steep your leaves to reveal complex flavors in the 2nd and 3rd cups
           • Second Steep: 5 mins
           • Third Steep: 6 mins

    Spill the Tea 🍵 💖

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