Why You Should Drink Tea in the Spring

“As above, so below” is the guiding principle of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), meaning that our bodies are aligned with the natural world. This includes the changing of seasons and spring is officially here. TCM recommends adapting your diet and lifestyle to every season, which is connected to a unique color, energy, emotion, and organ. Stay balanced and in tune with the changes of spring by introducing these TCM tips to your daily life.

Color: Green

It’s no surprise that spring’s TCM color is green. TCM highlights the importance of including more greens in your daily diet. Do this by adding seasonal leafy vegetables to your meals and drinking green tea. We recommend baozhong, a green oolong tea that has a refreshing grassy flavor with notes of green melon.

Energy: Yang

From the ‘yin and yang’ philosophy, yang energy represents brightness and upward movement. However, TCM warns that this energy can manifest as restlessness, insomnia, and headaches. To avoid this, limit your caffeine and alcohol intake as they can cause overstimulation and harm your health. This is the perfect time to swap your coffee for a more gentle black tea.

Emotion: Anger

With so much active yang energy around us, we’re more prone to anger and irritation in the spring. TCM recommends practices that will help you stay calm and grounded like meditation, walks in nature, and drinking tea. Jasmine tea is great for relaxation and an easy way to enjoy the calming benefits of aromatherapy. 

Organs: Liver, Gallbladder

In TCM, spring is the season to take extra care of your liver and gallbladder. Food therapy is the best way to do this. Heavy, greasy foods can congest these organs so it’s best to eat smaller, lighter meals that are steamed or stir fried. Oolong tea can be helpful during this time as it’s known to aid digestion and metabolize fat from the liver.

In a nutshell, TCM encourages you to keep things light and easy this season. Help your body transition to spring by eating lighter meals, going out for daily walks, and avoiding stress and overstimulation. Steep a cup of tea as a relaxing and meditative practice to pause and check in on yourself throughout the day. Take care of your health by following these TCM tips and align your body with the season of renewal.

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