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“Why is it so difficult for us to discover products that we’d love?” This was tastebase founder Phil’s question after scrolling through food and drink ads on instagram. He realized we’re all being shown the same ads and brands when in reality, each person’s palate is unique and personalized to themselves. Plus, there’s so much choice out there that it’s overwhelming and challenging for people to explore new tastes. tastebase is the tech-enabled solution to this problem. It’s a smarter, more personalized discovery experience for consumers and food enthusiasts.

Us Two Tea is excited to partner with tastebase and Doordash for DashMart delivery in Chicago, Sacramento, Houston, Dallas, and San Diego. You can get our tea delivered to your door within 30 minutes using DashMart in your Doordash app. You’ll also find us on tastebase after they launch later this year. For now, learn more about tastebase from our interview with Phil and don’t forget to join the waitlist to discover the perfect match for you and your taste buds.

What is tastebase? 

tastebase is the home base for food lovers to discover new tastes from emerging brands and their makers. It’s the go-to place to shop from a personalized selection of the newest, hottest, most innovative brands and products. I started my career as a barista where I was taught to ask customers to try their coffee to make sure that it was perfect for them and their taste buds. If they didn’t like it, we would dump it out and make them the perfect cup of coffee for their individualized taste. This notion stuck with me throughout the years, which is why personalization is at the heart of the tastebase experience.

How does tastebase work? 

The tastebase journey starts with a quick questionnaire which scans your preferences and dietary restrictions. Based on your responses, you get a shopping experience that is curated specifically for you. You’ll discover new products and learn about new tastemakers. Add your new discoveries to the cart and checkout in one seamless experience.

Who is tastebase for?

tastebase is for people who want to discover new tastes and for tastemakers who want to be discovered by the right people. We make it easier for consumers to explore products that they’ll love and for brands to be seen by their target community. It’s a real challenge for consumers and tastemakers to find each other in such a saturated market. We’re like the dating app for your tastebuds.

How do you select the brands?

We welcome brands of all sizes, no matter what stage they’re at. Food transcends cultural barriers or boundaries so we want to enable and empower tastemakers from diverse backgrounds and categories.

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