How to Choose the Best Asian Tea Brand

It's easy to buy Asian tea, but not so easy to know which brands to buy from. There isn't much information out there on what to look for when choosing a tea brand. So we’ve created a list of questions that will help you discover the best Asian tea brands. The three key things to look out for are: the source of the tea; the quality of the tea leaves; and the safety of the tea leaves and tea bags. And to answer the questions below, brand transparency is key!

Where was the tea grown and processed?

Like coffee and wine, the origin of tea is an indicator of taste and quality. Us Two Tea's tea is grown and processed on family owned tea farms in Taiwan. The tea hills of Taiwan are known for the most ideal climate and environment for growing tea.

Is it directly sourced from the tea farm?

Ideally, you want to buy tea that comes directly from the tea farmers. This ensures freshness of the tea, quality control, and an equitable business for the farmers. Us Two Tea is directly sourced from our tea farms in Taiwan with no middleman.

Are you getting whole tea leaves?

Take a good look at the size and shape of the tea leaves. Authentic Asian tea like Us Two Tea uses whole tea leaves that are not chopped into tiny pieces. Whole leaves give you the most flavor and nutrients and can be steeped multiple times. Learn more about whole tea leaves here.

Are the tea leaves clean and chemical-free?

Chemical pesticides are used on most tea leaves, especially those grown on large tea farms. It’s a little known fact that many teas need to be rinsed before steeping. Us Two Tea is safe to steep as our tea farmers pride themselves on using organic, chemical-free farming practices.

Is the tea FDA approved?

Tea leaves are steeped in boiling hot water, which draws out the goodness of tea, but also any toxic residue that may be on the tea leaves. This is why it’s important to make sure the tea is safe to drink and FDA approved like Us Two Tea.

Are the tea bags non-toxic?

The majority of tea bags are made of plastic, paper, or nylon. These materials release microplastics, bleach, and chemicals into your tea. Look for non-toxic, natural tea bags. Us Two Tea’s 100% biodegradable tea sachets are made from corn fiber. Learn more about tea bags here.

Asking these questions will guide you towards Asian tea brands that value transparency, quality, and integrity. As you explore different types of tea and learn to identify authentic, high quality tea, turn to these questions to help you choose the best Asian tea brands.

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