Is Drinking Tea Bags Good For You?

Tea bags are known to be portable, easy to use, and the most common way to steep tea. However, tea bags are often toxic because of the plastic sealant in paper bags, nylon sachets, or plastic tea bags. Nylon sachets are also made from petroleum, so it negatively affects your health and the earth! When you throw away these used, disposable sachets, it can release toxins into our earth, our food, and the oceans.

Many tea bags are also not 100% biodegradable or compostable, thus polluting the earth even more. Nylon tea bags are the worst of these, where it’s neither biodegradable nor compostable. Plastic is biodegradable, but not compostable, and is potentially toxic. Paper tea bags are the most common of these materials used, but many companies use polypropylene to seal their bags. Polypropylene or “PP” is also non-compostable and not biodegradable. Since polypropylene is made of plastic, it isn’t good for your health either. There are also studies showing that chemicals in plastic can contain carcinogens. So the microplastics released into your tea cup when steeped are not only harmful to the environment but also to your health. 

Unlike other mainstream brands, the tea bags at UsTwoTea are made from corn-fiber sachets. Our tea sachets are environmentally friendly, 100% biodegradable, and non-toxic. They are safe to consume, without any negative effects to your health while being much better for the earth at the same time. It isn’t harmful to the ocean or its life and it decomposes much better than other types of tea bags. Corn-fiber tea sachets are made from natural “PLA” or polylactide which is safe for consumption and safe for the earth. Polylactide is made from plants or fermented sugar, making it extremely beneficial for the planet and your health. 

At UsTwoTea, we aim to give consumers one of the healthiest, earth conscious tea sachets provided in the market today. We not only make sure all our teas are safe from chemicals and microplastics while doing are part for the environment, but we also offer loose-leaf options for the traditional tea drinker. By drinking loose-leaf tea, it increases the possibility that no toxins end up in your body from the tea. Loose-leaf tea is one of the best options for health conscious people concerned about the environment and their health. By consciously  researching your chosen tea vendors and understanding where and how the product you consume is procured, you increase your overall health while  possibly doing your part to save the planet one cup of tea at a time.

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