Simple Sparkling Tea Recipe

Tea by its nature already tastes amazing…regardless of how it's made, but have you ever tried sparkling tea? Sparkling water (or any club soda in a cold, brewed tea) is bound to taste smooth and delicious! Alternatively, you can opt to use the classic hot tea brewing method and then top it off with some club soda or sparkling water once it’s cooled. This method may be less time consuming, but will result in less carbonation. But whichever method you choose, this refreshing, simple drink is sure to make you want more. Enjoy the taste of tea, with a splash of electrifying carbonation. The bubbly effect of the carbonation will enhance the taste of the tea, making it a party for your palate and the perfect summer (or any season) drink. I personally recommend using the Pillow Talk: Jasmine Tea (my tea of choice), but any type of Us Two Tea flavor will do! 

Easy Sparkling Tea Recipe: 

This recipe is for 1 serving, but easily multiply this amount depending on your number of guests. Remember, summer fun is best shared with friends: 

You Will Need: 

1 Sachet of  UsTwoTea’s Baozhong Tea, Black Tea, Jasmine Tea, or Oolong Tea.

Sparkling water of your choice.
Syrup sweetener or honey of your choice. (optional)

*Note: If you are using the “hot brew” method, any sweetener will do. For this particular recipe, I will be referring to the “cold brew method.”


  1. Place your tea sachet in a cup. 
  2. Pour the sparkling water of your choice over the tea sachet. 
  3. Add the sweetener of your choice and stir until fully dissolved. 
  4. Place in the fridge or a cool area for at least 6 hours, preferably overnight. 

Tip: If you are using the “hot brew” method, boil some water and steep the tea. Make your tea as usual (and add any sweetener of your choice if desired). Let it cool completely, then top off the cooled tea with some sparkling water. 

The delightful taste of tea, mixed with a pleasant carbonated touch, is sure to make this a wonderful drink option for you, and your guests. This recipe is simple and easily multiplied, so you know it’s a wonderful alternate option for soda. It’s healthier, and much less sugary, making it a great choice for health-conscious people who want to enjoy a refreshing, carbonated drink to help relieve your thirst!

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