"We're All Intuitive" | Grace Duong, Founder of Mystic Mondays

Grace Duong is an artist, author, intuitive, and founder of Mystic Mondays. While we typically think of Mondays as going back to the grind, Mystic Mondays celebrates the opportunity to set fresh intentions every week. Check out Grace's interview below on listening to your intuition and the inspirations behind the popular Mystic Mondays Tarot and the newly released Mystic Mondays Crystal Grid Deck

Tell us about Mystic Mondays

Everything I create through Mystic Mondays is to empower people to discover their own inner magic or listen to their intuition. The more inner work we do, the more we’re able to show up in the world as our most authentic and empowered selves. It’s all about going within so that it can reflect in your outer world. 

Introduce us to your latest Crystal Grid Deck

The Crystal Grid Deck is an oracle deck and what's cool about it is that it has multiple functions. An important thing about Mystic Mondays is instilling these practices as rituals to amplify your own intentions. So whether you just need one card, or a spread, or a grid for the week, this deck can be used in whatever way that works for you and the lifestyle you’re living. 

What inspired you to create ‘Mystic Mondays Tarot’?  

I personally didn’t resonate with the traditional tarot images - some of them can be really scary and intimidating! And in the traditional deck, there are more male figures so I wanted to celebrate the Divine Feminine. I didn’t see any other deck like this out there. I wanted to put a modern twist on the traditional tarot.

My approach was to have the deck feel more friendly and welcoming. The tarot readings I’d had were always from a perspective of healing, to inquire about my current state, and to go deeper within myself. I wanted to infuse that into this deck. 

How do you use tarot in your daily life? 

I like to call tarot an ‘intuition tool’. I think it’s about intuitively feeling what the cards mean to you rather than trying to memorize the meanings. We’re so used to asking other people what we should be doing when we typically already know what we want and need. We’re all intuitive and tarot can help you access that.

I hope that as a society, we go back to listening to our intuition instead of looking outwards for approval. I hope we go back to listening to our bodies and following the natural cycles of periods and moon cycles.

What is a misperception you hope to change?

Tarot is a gateway to open up conversations, whether it be with yourself or other people. The stereotype around it being a scary, unreliable, scammy tool - I don’t see it that way and that’s not how I see it being used. So that’s something I’d like to push aside.

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