From The Big 4 to Spirituality | Terrence Trevias, Us Two Tea Partner

Covid-19 has made us rethink the way we live, leading many of us to contemplate our careers, purpose, and life goals. This timely interview shares Us Two Tea Partner and COO, Terrence Trevias’ story of reinventing his career after a series of life changing events. Terrence shares his experience of walking away from a Big 4 firm and 15 years of consulting to find balance in a life of spirituality.

Why did you leave the corporate world?

In the span of just four months, my father had passed away, my seven year marriage had come to an end, and I had lost my job. These events forced me to reevaluate my life choices and decide whether I’d stay in the ‘secure’ and ‘stable’ 9-5 life or be honest with myself and pursue something more fulfilling and worthwhile. My mind was screaming that I was totally crazy, and that I would not survive the professional and financial pitfall from my decision. Yet almost 5 years later, here I am - still alive, still thriving, and much more balanced than I was when I worked my ‘stable’ 9-5.

How did you overcome the fears and uncertainties?

Through introspection and faith. I looked at every aspect of my life, from when I started my career until the pivotal moment and asked myself if I had evolved or if I had become worse in mind, body, and spirit. I supported this process by having faith in myself. After years of pushing myself for all the wrong reasons (money, power, arrogance, ego) I knew that I owed myself much more and that I am worth more. I think that we need to believe in something greater than ourselves - in something ‘more’ - in order to come to terms with our own limitations, fears, and uncertainties. When we shine the mirror internally, we can heal and drive ourselves to elevate, transcend, and evolve.

How have you merged spirituality and your career?

I’m trying to live on the principle of giving myself fully to my community to raise our collective consciousness and succeed together by achieving our individual aspirations. So when I learned of Us Two Tea’s mission to build a community that supports each other and the company culture of “doing the right thing”, I knew this was the place that I needed to be. At the heart of Us Two Tea's mission and vision is the fusion of spirituality, morality, and business - the perfect fit for me.

What’s your advice to those rethinking their career paths?

Identify what’s at the core of your passion, what gives your life meaning, purpose, and energizes your entire being. Once you’ve identified that, do not compromise and hold it firm. With everything else that’s not so critical to you, let it flow by and just ride the wave. Let that core aspiration and desire be the focal point that drives your entire being into action.

Despite life’s unexpected twists and turns, you’ll still have lived your passion and gained amazing experiences along the way. That’s the adventure of life, right? To achieve your goal and your purpose while reveling in all the experiences that lead up to that end point. So live the best you can and enjoy it.


What a beautiful journey. This way of looking at business is such an example for businesses worldwide and is so needed in the world right now.

Sanne February 16, 2021

Terrance took a very courageous step, diving into the unknown to discover his true self. His evolution is the perfect example that it was the right choice. He is a big inspiration for many. I met him a couple of years ago and watching his spiritual transformation shows how much practice and self reflection can give you. He is kind, loving, courageous and always enthusiastically willing to help and support. Thank you for following your heart <3

Katharina February 16, 2021

Wonderful article! Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing.

Luy Lu February 16, 2021

It’s very interesting to read about your path and how you’re able to spiritualize business and bring practicality to your spiritual practice. Thank you for your sharing!

Neža February 16, 2021

I am so grateful to read this heartfelt sharing from Terence! It’s so inspiring to see that there are people like him searching for the truth of their heart regardless of what the society says. Life is a grandious mystery, living it fully with an open heart like Terrence has been doing is the best way to savor this precious gift. Thank you for sharing with us!

Meiyi February 16, 2021

What an inspiring and timely story! Right now, when so many are ‘on the cusp’ of this enormous unknown, an inspiring example like Terrence is exactly what many people need to make the leap and follow their passion instead of the so-called ‘secure norm’ (which is now not that secure after all). I love reading about adventurous humans like Terrence and hope that many follow the example – because this will inevitably make our world a far better place, as more and more get on board with the Godly Goodness that comes from within!

Angharad February 05, 2021

Beautiful messages sometimes people being successful with their business you have to figure out what’s for you hopefully you will attain your ambition in life.
If not, you have higher educations which most people dont reached that far you got 3 masters and you are very smart ( cum laude ) you can be whatever you want to be . We love you we support you to attain your ambition 😘
Teresa Empamano

Teresa Empamano February 05, 2021

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