'Drift' | Poetry by Jennifer Huang

Jennifer Huang is a Taiwanese American writer from Rockville, Maryland. She recently finished her debut poetry collection, which explores the effects that trauma can have on relationships with queerness, sexuality, and desire. She received an MFA in Poetry at the University of Michigan where she is currently a Zell Postgraduate Fellow, working on a novel about girlhood and ghosts. In her spare time, Jennifer studies Tarot and plays the ukulele. 

"Drift started out as a poem about discipline and being disciplined as a child. I was trying to make sense of the home life I experienced by tracing it back to some of the difficult experiences my parents, grandparents, and ancestors lived through themselves.

I soon realized this poem was really the voice of a younger self re-telling trauma because she felt unseen and unheard. What is left is a poem that sees the past yet also drifts away from it, and as it does so, it receives the present with gratitude and love."

- Jennifer Huang 

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