Black Tea Health Benefits | Caffeine for the Health-Conscious

If you're sensitive to caffeine or trying to cut down on coffee, black tea is just what you need. Black tea keeps you alert without the jitters, crash, and sleepless nights that leave you regretting that last cup of coffee. Black tea is the gentler, health-conscious choice to staying energized. Read on to find out how black tea can improve your health and concentration.

What is black tea? 

Black tea is fermented and oxidized for longer than other types of tea, resulting in the dark color, bold flavors, and high caffeine content. In Asia, black tea is called 'red tea' because it has a red hue when steeped. Us Two Tea's Manhattan Black tea is a type of black tea called 'ruby black', which boasts a deep honey flavor that compliments the dark ruby color.

Black Tea Health Benefits:
Crash-free Caffeine

Black tea is the healthier alternative to coffee. Despite having half the caffeine of coffee, black tea is packed with nutrients that work with the caffeine to keep you more alert and energized. These nutrients also prevent the caffeine crash, anxiety, and insomnia caused by coffee.

Less Stress

Not only does black tea keep you alert, it also helps you keep your calm. Studies have shown that black tea alleviates stress by bringing stress levels back to normal at a faster rate. Pair black tea with the morning news and long Zoom meetings for a less stressful day.

Healthy Heart

Clean blood vessels are the first step to maintaining a healthy heart. Black tea removes bad cholesterol (LDL) that can build up in your blood vessels from eating fried or processed foods. Black tea also reduces the risk of getting blood clots and unlike coffee, it lowers blood pressure.

While black tea may not give you the same caffeine kick as coffee, that kick can take a toll on your health. Avoid the harmful side effects of harsh caffeine with a gentler black tea that will keep you energized, balanced, and healthy.

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