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Sundae Service Creamery is Asian-inspired artisanal ice cream handcrafted by WOC founders and sisters, Debbie and Liz. Their all natural, preservative-free ice cream is freshly made to order for Sunday deliveries in NYC. Us Two Tea x Sundae Service Creamery have launched a special Lunar New Year ice cream - the Jasmine Tea and Roasted Rice Clusters - made with Us Two Tea's Pillowtalk Jasmine tea. Wonder what it tastes like? Read on to find out and discover how Sundae Service Creamery creates original Asian-inspired flavors.

Why Asian-inspired ice cream flavors? 

We create innovative new spins on traditional Asian flavors because we want to introduce underrepresented Asian flavors to the masses while also creating a sense of nostalgia and familiarity for the NYC Asian community.

How do you come up with the flavors?

There are two main ways we come up with flavors. The first is by focusing on a specific Asian ingredient and brainstorming how to best combine it with other ingredients to make it original yet approachable. The second is taking inspiration from existing Asian desserts/snacks and transforming them into ice cream. We want our flavors to be authentic and familiar to our customers so we also ask them for suggestions on tastes that remind them of their childhood.

What's the best & worst part about working with your sister?

The best part is that we're completely comfortable with each other and know how to communicate with each other. We have the same goals but different strengths so I'd say we complement each other well. The only downsides would be spending too much time together and the arguments that I'm sure non-related business partners would handle differently. But as sisters, we tend to get over them in about 10 minutes and all is good again!

What does the Jasmine tea ice cream taste like?

The Jasmine Tea and Roasted Rice Clusters has a creamy, smooth base of Us Two Tea's fragrant jasmine tea with the crunch of roasted rice clusters, which complements the nutty undertones and subtle floral aftertaste of the jasmine flavor. This ice cream was inspired by our memories of large family gatherings at Lunar New Year where tea is always served and our customers’ favorite Lunar New Year treats like sticky rice and Chinese sweet rice cakes (nian gao). 

If you were to describe this flavor as a moment, it would be...

A cozy afternoon on the couch

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