Baozhong Tea Health Benefits

Baozhong, meaning 'the wrapped kind', is the total package when it comes to health benefits. Not only is the smooth melon flavor an excellent palate cleanser, Baozhong tea balances blood sugar levels and keeps your mouth healthy. Plus, with various anti-aging and antibacterial benefits, Baozhong tea strengthens your bones and maintains youthful skin. Pair Taiwanese Baozhong tea with your daily meals to complement your food and your health.

What is Baozhong Tea?

Baozhong is Taiwan's signature 'green oolong tea'. Lightly oxidized, it has the refreshing lightness of green tea and floral aroma of oolong tea, so you get the best of both worlds. The marriage of green and oolong qualities translates to a smooth cup of Baozhong tea that has notes of creamy honeydew melon and a woodsy undertone. This tea can get pretty strong so make sure you follow our founder's recommendations for steeping.  

Baozhong Tea Benefits:
Balances Blood Sugar 

Baozhong is the perfect tea to pair with food or sip after a meal. Baozhong tea is known to balance blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes. Plus, the 'green oolong' flavor makes Baozhong tea a refreshing palate cleanser. 

Healthy Mouth

Say goodbye to mask breath! Baozhong helps fight bacteria in your mouth and can even protect your teeth from cavities. With a daily cup of Baozhong tea, you can keep your breath fresh and your mouth healthy. 

Anti-aging Skin Care

Packed with antioxidants, Baozhong promotes youthful skin. Baozhong tea is also anti-inflammatory so it can be used to reduce redness and irritation. Baozhong is anti-aging skin care that starts from the inside.

Strengthens Bones

While many of us take great care of our skin and muscles, we often forget about our bones. Rich in potassium, Baozhong tea improves bone density over time. Taiwanese Baozhong tea is a great gift for (grand)parents!

Pairing Taiwanese Baozhong tea with your daily meals is an easy way to promote your overall health. Whether you're eating alone or with friends and family, make Baozhong tea a staple at your dining table. With a number of anti-aging benefits, there will come a time when you thank yourself for drinking Baozhong tea regularly.

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