Why Us Two Tea Loves Taiwanese Tea

Have you ever checked the origin of your tea? Like wine or coffee, the origin of tea is a reliable indicator of the quality and taste. The distinct aroma and flavors of tea are a product of the region's climate, soil, and cultivation practices. Taiwanese tea is so praised and trusted for its exceptional quality that tea experts call it the ‘champagne of tea’. Once you try Taiwanese tea, you will realize that not all teas are created equal.

Here’s why we love Taiwanese tea... and why you will too.

Incomparable taste and aroma

Taiwan’s high altitude climate, nutrient-rich soil, and clean environment create the optimal tea growing conditions. You can feel the difference in the irresistible aroma and lingering flavors. This is why Taiwanese tea is a favorite among tea lovers and tea connoisseurs.

Clean and chemical-free

Taiwanese tea has a reputation for being all natural. Us Two Tea takes pride in its tea farms being chemical and pesticide-free. Unlike tea grown in other regions of Asia, Taiwanese tea does not need to be rinsed before steeping. Every steep is clean, healthy, and safe.


The quality of Taiwanese tea is owed to small-scale production on family farms. Us Two Tea has partnered with second and third generation tea farmers who live and grow their tea on small farms using traditional practices passed down to them through the ages.

The list goes on, but we believe that Taiwanese tea speaks for itself.

You’ll feel the quality of Taiwanese tea no matter which type of tea you choose. Us Two Tea sources Taiwanese Oolong, Jasmine, Baozhong, and Black tea. Check out our curated tea sets to enjoy the teas that suit your unique taste and lifestyle.

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