'IM AT A LOSS FOR WORDS' | Poetry by Michael Cho

Michael Cho is an Asian-American educator dedicated to promoting authenticity, vulnerability, and the life-long work of self-reflection. He writes spoken word poetry and rap lyrics in his spare time as a way of expressing himself through words and music. His passion to advocate for social justice and racial equity drives his work not only in the classroom but in his art as well.

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Excerpts from 'IM AT A LOSS FOR WORDS' 
"Im at a loss for words
cuz he stripped away the breath of life from a man
who breathes the same breath as him
yet he saw him as different
a man he can murder and a soul he can colonize"
"Im at a loss for words
cuz if Im bein honest, at times I feel helpless
theres times I dont know my own identity as an Asian American
cuz sometimes Im a minority, and sometimes Im privileged
and our people only stand up when our businesses are threatened"
"we pretend we distracted
but our privilege is blinding us from the reality that we are told to keep quiet by the system
and we side with the oppressor by simply staying silent
like officer Thao who was bystanding"
"Im at a loss for words
cuz I feel like I gotta choose sides
from the culture that made me
to fighting for whatʼs right
these are times that reveal
who your real friends and family are
cuz the very ppl in your house
are the ppl who would turn their backs on you
when you call them out"
"they call it the “land of the free”
but for immigrants, it was all a dream full of deceit
all nicely wrapped up with the ribbons of white supremacy
they manipulate BIPOCs and use them as fiends to advance
this country thats driven by the CREAM
thats capitalism where the only color they see is green"
"Im at a loss for words
but its time to break my silence
cuz us Asians have been silent for too long
its time to fight for justice, protest and stop the violence
to the black community I stand with you"

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