What is Jasmine Tea? | Taste, Caffeine, Benefits, and More

If you want to know all about jasmine tea, you've come to the right place. We've covered all the basic information like how jasmine tea is made, what it tastes like, and its health benefits. Jasmine tea is unique because it can be made with a base of any true tea like green tea or black tea. So read up and learn how to choose the best jasmine tea for you.

What is jasmine tea?

Jasmine tea generally refers to a tea that has been scented with jasmine flowers. The tea is harvested and dried with jasmine flowers during a multi-day process referred to as scenting. When steeped, the fragrance of jasmine tea is released and provides various health benefits.

What types of jasmine tea are there?

Two jasmine species can be used to produce jasmine tea: Common Jasmine and Sampaguita. Most true teas can be scented with the jasmine flowers but the most common types of jasmine tea are jasmine green tea, jasmine white tea, jasmine oolong tea, and jasmine black tea.

What does jasmine tea taste like? 

The flavor of jasmine tea can vary depending on which true tea it uses as its base, where the jasmine is grown, and how the jasmine tea is processed. Jasmine tea typically has a sweet, floral taste and aroma that complements the bitterness of the base tea.

Does jasmine tea have caffeine?

The jasmine flower itself does not contain any caffeine but the caffeine content depends on which type of tea is scented with the flowers. A base of green tea will have less caffeine than black tea. An 8 oz cup of green tea has about 28 mg of caffeine. Learn about the caffeine in tea vs. coffee.

What are the health benefits of jasmine tea?

Jasmine flowers are high in antioxidants which promote heart health and cognitive functioning. Jasmine flowers can also enhance digestion and help relieve many different gut issues. In addition, the health benefits depend on which true tea is used as the base. Us Two Tea’s Jasmine tea is called ‘Pillowtalk’ because it is one of the best natural sedatives to help you sleep. Learn more about the health benefits of jasmine tea

Are there any jasmine tea side effects?

Generally speaking, jasmine tea is incredibly healthy with little to no side effects. But it’s important to know the true tea that’s used as the base as it will determine the level of caffeine of the jasmine tea. Caffeine may cause restlessness, anxiety, and dizziness. 

Where can you buy the best jasmine tea?

The manufacturing techniques of jasmine tea differ as per tea grades. In some types of jasmine tea, loose tea leaves are blended with jasmine flowers. The best jasmine tea is lightly scented with high quality jasmine flowers. Us Two Tea is a great source to purchase premium jasmine tea. Our tea is directly sourced from family tea farms in Taiwan where the jasmine tea is processed on-site.

What is in Us Two Tea’s Pillowtalk Jasmine tea?

Us Two Tea’s Pillowtalk Jasmine tea contains green tea scented with jasmine flowers. Us Two Tea’s jasmine tea is directly sourced from Taiwan and packaged in non-toxic tea sachets. The tea sachets contain whole loose leaf tea rather than broken leaves so each sachet can be steeped up to three times.

What is in Us Two Tea’s Loose Leaf Tea Set?

Us Two Tea’s Loose Leaf Tea Set contains loose leaf Jasmine tea and Osmanthus Oolong tea. This loose leaf tea is not packaged in tea sachets. When steeping this jasmine tea, you will notice that there are dried jasmine flowers included in the tea. This creates a more fragrant experience as the jasmine aroma is stronger.

Health benefits of jasmine tea vs black tea

Jasmine tea is the perfect tea for relaxation and calm, whereas black tea is the best tea for alertness and focus. Jasmine tea is a natural relaxant which helps you to relax and sleep. The fragrance of jasmine flowers can also help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety. Black tea contains more caffeine compared to jasmine tea. The caffeine and L-theanine in black tea helps to boost brain functionality, focus, and alertness. Learn about the health benefits of black tea

Health benefits of jasmine tea vs green tea

Jasmine tea is usually made using green tea as the base tea; therefore, jasmine tea and green tea tend to have very similar health benefits. Both are packed with antioxidants that can lower the risk of cancer, boost your immune system, and promote skin and hair health. However, if you are drinking tea for relaxation and calming benefits, then jasmine tea is the best choice.  

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