Oolong Tea For Dental Health

Practicing good oral hygiene can be a tedious task that’s hard to maintain. It may seem unimportant at first, but researchers consider oral hygiene to be vital to one’s overall health and well being. The primary goal is to prevent any tooth decay and gum infection, and oolong tea has all the essential nutrients needed to make maintaining good dental health easier. 

Protects against Tooth Decay

Oolong tea is already packed with vital vitamins and minerals that help with weight loss and provide other health benefits.

In addition to these benefits, it also contains fluoride, a chemical compound that strengthens our teeth enamel, the protective layer around our teeth, and is responsible for the coloring. The fluoride in oolong tea can stop the buildup of plaque, reduces the effects of enzymes that break down tooth enamel, and protects teeth from acids produced by cavity inducing baceria.

We get most of our fluoride from using toothpaste and drinking water, but oolong tea is also a rich source of it.

Oolong tea is an accessible tea that everyone can enjoy, and drinking one cup everyday comes with a package full of health benefits. Start your day right with a hot cup of it.

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