Holiday Gift Guide from the Us Two TEAm

Happy holidays from the Us Two TEAm! This year we've curated a 2021 gift guide based on recommendations from members of our team. From mugs to face oil, we've listed our favorite picks, why we love them, and who we're getting them for. Check out the gifts we're giving to our friends, family, and ourselves.

'Winter Ember' Ceramic Mug, Us Two Tea x Uniqlay

For: My girlfriends

This handmade mug is inspired by a Chinese poem about finding warmth in the company of loved ones, even on a cold winter's evening. Elegant and unique, this limited edition mug is the ideal gift for anyone who appreciates tea and beautiful ceramics.

From: Maggie, Founder

Pearl, Goldbrass & Braided Bracelet, Popvibe

For: My brother

Handcrafted using natural crystals, Popvibe's pieces are made to enhance personal energy while supporting a charitable cause. Each piece gives back to one of 15 charities so you can pick a cause your loved ones would appreciate. Embrace the spirit of giving with high vibe jewelry.

From: JJ, Editor

Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil, Drunk Elephant

For: My best friend

This moisturizing facial oil is perfect for the dry winter season. It feels so luxurious when you use it on your skin, the ingredients are great, and a little goes such a long way. It's the perfect gift for skincare lovers and anyone looking to elevate or add to their skincare routine.

From: Karina, Marketing Intern 

Loose Leaf Tea Set, Us Two Tea

For: My parents

This set includes Osmanthus Oolong and Jasmine loose leaf tea. It's packaged in a gift box so it's great to send as a present. I love that both of these teas contain real flowers, which give off a naturally sweet aroma and flavor. It's a tasteful gift for parents and experienced tea drinkers.

From: Shari, Marketing Coordinator

Croissant Scented Candle, OVEROSE

For: Myself

This sweet, buttery scent makes my room smell like pastry heaven. It reminds me of a cafe in Brooklyn where I used to study with my friends over pastries and coffee. Candles make a meaningful gift because the scent can evoke so many different memories and emotions.

From: Winnie, Social Media Intern

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