Happy Thanksgiving from Our COO

When I look back at the events that took place this year, I still can’t believe what we all survived, sacrificed, and lost across the globe. And yet, even in light of these challenging times, I can’t help but feel blessed at all the graces I’ve experienced while being with Us Two Tea and all the societal changes we’ve actively taken part in as a brand and community.

I’ve noticed that all great movements begin with an idea, which is full of endless possibilities waiting for inspiration to give it shape and become something tangible. Very similar to steeping a brilliant cup of loose leaf tea. Just as the heated water (the “idea”) is transformed by the steady infusion of the color, aroma, and flavor of the tea leaves that brings it to life (a “spark”), social movements begin with an idea that permeates the hearts and minds of people that believe true change is possible with time. As the idea “infuses” further, the movement gains momentum, becoming a wave of change that stimulates society to aspire to something greater, to dare to change, and to become better and stronger together in the end.

As many of you know, Us Two Tea is more than just a brand that sells high quality Asian tea. Us Two Tea is a lifestyle and a forum for individuals to speak about support, community, and unity. It is a place where people can come together to break down the chains of division, learn about what makes us culturally different, and recognize how truly similar we all are at the very foundations of our being.

So, what am I thankful for? 

First, Maggie (the heart), who took the inspiration from our culture to utilize the medium of tea to bring people together, create change, and build a family that reminds us that we are not alone.

Second, our interns, ambassadors, partners, who everyday act as the “spark” that spreads the Us Two Tea message, brand, and lifestyle, touching the hearts and minds of each and every person we interact with.

Third, our customers, our friends, and our extended family who represent our wave of change by believing in our brand, mission, and vision.

It is through each of you that our message will continue to intensify, creating a wave that will carry Us Two Tea into becoming the ‘Blue Bottle’ of Asian tea across the Americas and the world. 

Thank you everyone for walking this amazing path with us, for believing in our brand, and for helping us become what we are now, but even more importantly, what we will grow into in the near future. 

Happy Thanksgiving!  


COO and Partner, Us Two Tea

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