Pillowtalk (Jasmine)

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Description: Sweet and intimate, steeped for the moment, our very own “Pillowtalk” is not just the ladies’ favorite, but is also a hit among men who like their teas strong and with a full-bodied flavor and floral aroma. Treat yourself and rest, you deserve a good night’s sleep. Self-care, after all, is the new sexy. 

Flavor profile: Green tea scented with Jasmine flower. The aroma is so rich that you’ll feel like you’re lying in a bed of jasmine heaven.

Benefit: Unwind, relax and go with the flow. Add jasmine tea to your online cart and buy some for yourself or someone you care about.

Caffeine: 10%

All-Natural Jasmine Tea from Second-Generation Farms in Taiwan

It’s exciting for us to introduce Taiwanese jasmine tea to people who are new to tea drinking. This aromatic tea is one of the most commonly served hot beverages in Asian restaurants in the United States. Whether they are serving you authentic Taiwanese loose-leaf jasmine, however, is uncertain. If you want to taste the authentic flavor, Us Two Tea is the place to get it.

“Pillowtalk” is green-tea based loose-leaf, naturally packaged in 100% biodegradable teabags. The tea leaves are grown in farms lovingly cultivated by second-generation families who honor the traditional methods of growing and making tea.

But we’ve made it so you don’t have to do the lengthy process of tea preparation. With our Taiwanese jasmine tea, you only have to dunk the teabag in warm water and your tea will be ready in under three minutes.

Boosts Metabolism and Overall Health

Asian jasmine tea is renowned not only for its versatility and pleasing scent but also for its reported health benefits. It is a popular antioxidant, being a rich source of polyphenols. These are micronutrients from plants that act as antioxidants. Research studies also found that jasmine tea can boost the metabolism, promote weight loss, regulate cholesterol levels, prevent heart disease, lower the risk of stroke, and protect the body from squamous cell carcinoma (cancer cells).

There’s still a lot of ongoing research about the health benefits of jasmine tea. But we don’t need scientific literature to appreciate jasmine tea. One cup of this fragrant, low-caffeine tea, and you’ll feel its soothing effect wash over you. The flavor is worth savoring whether you steep the teabag quickly or a bit longer, and the fragrance will heighten your experience.

Reward your body and soul with the healthful, delicious goodness of our Taiwanese jasmine tea.

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Look the aroma!

The Jasmine aroma is so refreshing when you first opened the bag! It's so soothing and delicious. My go-to evening tea before meditation every night!