What Kind of Tea Are You? Take the Quiz to Find Out

Black, Baozhong, Oolong, or Jasmine - what kind of tea are you? Take this quiz to find out which tea best suits you and your lifestyle. Keep track of your answer for each question and discover your match at the end!

1. Which best describes you?

A) Active and a go-getter
B) Friendly and traditional
C) Loyal and caring
D) Relaxed and easy-going

2. When are you most likely to drink tea?

A) In the morning 
B) In the afternoon 
C) In the evening
D) Before bed

3. What is your preferred caffeine level?

A) Strong
B) Medium 
C) Light 
D) None

4. How often do you drink tea?

A) Always
B) Often
C) Occasionally
D) Rarely

5. Why do you drink tea?

A) To keep me energized
B) To try something new and different
C) For health benefits
D) To relax

6. Which flavor profile is most appealing?

A) Honey
B) Creamy melon
C) Grassy and vegetal
D) Floral

7. Which of the following describes your recent mood?

A) Motivated
B) Sociable 
C) Nostalgic
D) Stressed 

8. Which of the following health benefits most appeal to you?

A) Energy and focus 
B) Balance blood sugar levels
C) Boost metabolism and improve immunity
D) Relieve physical and mental stress 

9. How busy are you?

A) No time
B) Running out of time
C) A little bit 
D) Chilling

10. Who is your favorite person to drink tea with?

A) My colleagues - a.k.a my laptop
B) Family
C) My friends (imaginary and real)
D) Me, myself, and I


Which letter did you choose the most for your answers? Start counting and scroll down to find your match! 

Mostly A | Manhattan Black: Black Tea

Crush your to-do list with Manhattan Black. High in caffeine with a seductive honey taste, this tea is for the motivated go-getters that are on top of their game. The perfect alternative to coffee, this tea will keep you alert and energized throughout the day without the afternoon caffeine crash!

Mostly B | Family Traditions: Baozhong Tea

Baozhong is the perfect tea to share with family and friends after a meal. This tea will balance your blood sugar levels and cleanse your palate, leaving a refreshing creamy melon aroma in your mouth. The medium caffeine level also makes Baozhong the ideal afternoon tea for breaks in between Zoom meetings.

Mostly C | Homesick: Oolong Tea

Oolong is the ultimate self-care tea for the health conscious tea drinker. Grown on a 5,000 feet mountain, this Oolong tea will elevate your mood and health. You'll instantly feel comforted by the gentle grassy aroma. And Oolong is best known to boost metabolism and immunity! Steep and reap the goodness.

Mostly D | Pillowtalk: Jasmine Tea

Whether you're feeling stressed mid-day or ready to call it a day, Jasmine is the tea for relaxation. Known to relieve physical and mental stress, this tea will help you unwind and the gentle floral aroma will set the mood for some downtime. Light your favorite candle, get cozy, and sip on Jasmine as you read, journal, or sink into bed.

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