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Lauryn Lee is the founder of The Frequency House, an online marketplace for WOC-owned and BIPOC brands. The Frequency House also reinvests a portion of the sales to support BIPOC community projects. Like a true Libra, Lauryn is an advocate for the socioeconomic equality for all minority groups, which is the mission statement for The Frequency House. Read on to learn how this Korean-American founder from LA is raising the frequency for communities of color. 

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What does 'The Frequency House' mean?

The Frequency House is a home for high frequency. One of the ways that we can operate at the highest frequency is advocating for each other. I'm here to help bridge the gaps between communities of color - in particular, between the Asian and Black communities - so that we can be strong allies for each other.

What inspired you to start The Frequency House? 

Prior to The Frequency House, I was actually working at a record label. During the pandemic, I decided to take some time off and I was able to regroup with myself and distinguish what matters to me and what doesn't. I realized that I want to move forward in life differently from before the pandemic. This means being my authentic self, advocating for others loudly, and not participating in spaces where white supremacy is tolerated.

How do you select the brands that you partner with?

I use Google and search for brands owned by BIPOC founders. There are so many BIPOC brands out there, but they're not part of the world of mass consumption. I think that makes them incredibly special and unique. BIPOC brands should be at the forefront of retail spending!

What's The Frequency Fund? 

I take a portion of the online sales and give the money to BIPOC folks or groups who are positively impacting their communities. For my first profit share, I ran an Instagram ad for people to send me more information about their projects and how they would spend the money that I offered. I was able to select two profit share recipients shortly after the launch of my business. The intention is to make sure that we're investing and reinvesting our dollars in communities of color. Buying BIPOC brands then turns into opportunities to share money with BIPOC communities.

What's next for The Frequency House? 

I am doing pop-up shops, and would love to open up a brick and mortar location! I'm also launching an interview series with wildly inspiring entrepreneurs. Stay tuned!

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