Steps to Create a Perfect Cup of Oolong Tea

Imagine sitting in a cozy nook with your favorite book or looking out the window with a hot cup of tea spreading the gentle, grassy aroma of oolong tea. The flavor profile of oolong tea embodies the vegetal notes of green tea, the woodsy character of black teas, and a floral aroma.

Similar to the peaceful experience of drinking oolong tea, its preparation is also a relaxing and meditative ritual in itself. Along with its broad tea range, oolong also has multiple ways of brewing it. If you are trying to brew a perfect cup of your favorite oolong tea, this article on how to make oolong tea can be your go-to tea-making guide.

How to make oolong tea

However, before you brew your perfect cup of tea, it is essential to understand the right time for drinking oolong tea.

What is the right time to drink oolong tea throughout the day?

Oolong tea leaves offer a caffeine content and flavors that are both in the middle ground between green and black teas. Due to its versatility, it is difficult to indicate a particular time to drink oolong tea, but the following time recommendations are common among oolong tea drinkers.

  • Oolong tea before a workout in the morning - oolong is the best choice for a morning drink to start an energetic day
  • Perfect afternoon tea - to keep your energy levels intact on a lazy afternoon, one can use more oxidized oolong tea leaves that have a higher caffeine content or steep your oolong tea for longer for a stronger brew
  • Before and after meals - a pot of oolong tea is a favorite in many Chinese and Taiwanese restaurants and households for its versatile flavor. Oolong tea is also known to help lose weight and speed up your metabolism

What times of the day should you avoid drinking oolong tea?

  • Oolong tea before bed - drinking oolong tea before going to bed is not recommended. Although it has less caffeine than black tea, there is sufficient caffeine in oolong that it can affect your sleep

Methods of brewing oolong tea

Gong Fu 

Gong Fu is the traditional method of steeping tea. There are multiple variations in this style of brewing oolong tea. The basic technique consists of brewing smaller portions gradually and multiple times. By using small proportions, the subtle flavors and aroma is released from oolong tea leaves. The Gong Fu style requires lidded vessels like ‘gaiwan’ and involves hot and cold oolong tea brews.

Teapot brewing or grandpa style

Unlike Gong Fu, teapot brewing only involves one teapot rather than multiple vessels and equipment. Simply place your loose leaf tea inside your teapot, pour hot water, and steep your tea. This is the method most commonly seen in Asian restaurants that serve a pot of tea for the table. Grandpa style is the same method, but provides a one-person serving. Instead of using a teapot, steep the loose leaf tea in a mug or a cup and drink after the tea leaves have sunken to the bottom of the teacup. 

Tea sachet

Preparation of oolong tea in tea sachets is the most convenient method as it does not involve measuring tea quantity. Place the tea sachet in a mug or heat resistant cup, pour freshly boiled water over it, and let it steep. Make sure you monitor the steeping time. The longer you steep the tea sachet in hot water, the stronger the flavor and caffeine content will be. Although it does not provide a cultural brewing experience, this technique makes it possible to enjoy a quick cup of oolong tea anywhere. 

Tea preparation with Us Two Tea’s premium oolong tea

The Taiwanese oolong tea by Us Two Tea comes directly from the mountain regions of Nantou County. Our award-winning whole loose-leaf tea comes in special non-toxic tea sachets. Whole loose leaf tea is the type of tea leaves used in traditional Gong Fu tea ceremonies. The high quality tea leaves makes it possible for each tea sachet to be used up to three times, offering the goodness of three teacups.

Steps to make Us Two Tea's oolong tea

  1. Place Us Two Tea's oolong tea sachet in a mug or heat resistant cup and add boiled water to it
  2. Decide the steeping time as per your preference
  3. To prepare oolong iced tea, chill the tea by refrigerating or adding ice OR in step 1, use room temperature water instead of boiled water and make cold brew oolong tea
  4. Authentic oolong tea does not use milk or sweeteners like sugar or honey

With the popularity of boba tea or bubble tea, oolong milk tea has become a sought after drink. If you are wondering how to make oolong milk tea, it is essential to know that it is a totally different process.

Prepare your custom tea with Us Two Tea’s self-care oolong tea!

The oolong tea preparation involves both traditional as well as modern brewing techniques. Irrespective of the preparation method, oolong tea can be your starting point to the bounties of the Taiwanese tea world. If you are a fan of our Taiwanese oolong tea and you're looking for something more, check out Us Two Tea’s Black, Baozhong, and Jasmine tea range!

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