Content Writer’s Favorite | How I Wind Down with 'Pillowtalk'

The past couple of months, I had the pleasure of spending my time at home with my family amidst the pandemic. The uncertainty of our current situation had made me so uneasy, but my nightly routine of talking with my mom over a cup of Pillowtalk was my way of winding down and enjoying the moments I could share with her. Pillowtalk - Jasmine tea - is my favorite Us Two Tea product by a close call. The taste and the aroma that fills the room when you steep the tea is incomparable to any other Jasmine teas I’ve happened to try. 

Taste & Aroma

A perfect balance between the bittersweet flavors of the Jasmine flower and the sweetness of the green tea. Pillowtalk has a subtle floral scent that increases in strength and diffuses through your kitchen as you steep the tea leaves. I’m not huge on floral flavors because it can easily taste like perfume, but this tea is so delicately nuanced with the subtle Jasmine flavors, making it very pleasant and not overwhelming. If you’re looking for something to ease you into your nightly routine, this is the one you’ll want. 

How I 'Pillowtalk':

In the warmer months

This tea can be served both hot and cold. Since we’re in the warmer months, I like to enjoy it by leaving the tea bag in a cup of water in the fridge overnight -- kind of like a cold brew, but with Jasmine tea. Then, I’ll take it out the next morning and enjoy it over ice and sometimes a squeeze of lemon. You can also make an amazing summer refreshment by mixing in a bit of lemon and honey (and maybe a little gin to spice things up) to make a light iced Jasmine lemonade.

In the colder months

In the colder months, I like to steep the tea bag for about three minutes for just the right boldness of flavor. If you prefer your Jasmine scent to be stronger, you can leave it in for longer. However, if you’re more sensitive towards floral tastes like I am, you’ll find that three minutes is the perfect steeping time to get just enough Jasmine to enjoy it without it being overpowering. 

I always knew I liked tea, but I didn’t understand why high quality tea would be any different from the drugstore ones I used to buy. Like me, you’ll notice the difference when you try Us Two Tea’s products. Pillowtalk has become a part of my nighttime routine because it creates the ambiance that’ll make you forget all the stress from the day. The calming aroma with the deep flavor makes for a perfect cup of tea to reflect by yourself or to talk over with a loved one.

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