Editor's Favorite | Manhattan Black: A treat for all the senses

I’m Asian and I’ve always loved tea so I thought I’d tried it all… until I had Manhattan Black. My standards are so high now that I cannot drink any other black tea. The luxurious ruby hue, dark honey aroma, and smooth luscious taste put all other black tea to shame. Delicious both hot and iced, Us Two Tea's black tea, Manhattan Black, is a treat for all the senses.


It’s hard to believe that the flavor of this tea is natural. A seductive dark honey taste with notes of ripe black plum and sun-dried raisins, Manhattan Black leaves a lingering sweetness. The depth and complexity of the dark maple and stone fruit notes are incomparable to other black teas that tend to be bitter and astringent. Manhattan Black is always smooth, no matter how long it's steeped.


The dark honey aroma will change the way you think about black tea. And the secret behind this aroma will change the way you think about insects. Over generations, Us Two Tea’s farmers have discovered that when a local insect eats the tea leaves, their saliva sweetens and deepens the tea’s flavor, resulting in the alluring aroma of Manhattan Black. Instead of using pesticides, the farmers co-create with nature to produce scents and flavors that are truly one of a kind.


Manhattan Black was named after the classic cocktail, Black Manhattan, because of the color. But the official name of this tea is ruby black. When you steep it, you’ll see why. The reddish brown hue is like a ray of light shining through a dark ruby. I intentionally drink Manhattan Black in a white mug because I love seeing the color deepen over time.


Manhattan Black is caffeinated enough to keep me going, but gentle enough that I never feel jittery or have trouble sleeping at night. I don’t usually remove the teabag from my cup, letting it steep continuously to bring out the flavors and the caffeine. I drink Manhattan Black while I write and pair it with dark chocolate and almonds. On a hot day, I add some ice, which really brings out the natural honey flavor.

It's impossible to capture the uniqueness of Manhattan Black in words so try it for yourself. Even if you’re an experienced tea drinker, I promise you’ll be impressed. Manhattan Black is an intoxicating treat for all the senses - enjoy, and sip responsibly!

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