Brand Ambassador's Favorite | Homesick: Home is Where the Heart is

There's nothing I love more than to sit on my pouch and sip on Homesick with a good detective story. My mind is in relaxation when I take a sip and calculate the mystery clues or puzzles in the book. Even when we're spending so much time at home, I still look forward to this moment every weekend. This is how I enjoy my time at home with Homesick. 


Due to the natural and high quality tea leaves of this oolong, the taste is crisp and smooth with a refreshing aftertaste. Homesick gives you the authentic experience of what oolong should taste like.


People get excited by the smell of coffee in the morning. I get excited by the smell of Homesick when I have my cup of tea in front of me. The scent of oolong is the perfect balance of light and mellow.


Think of dandelion - a light golden yellow.


You want to know something? I enjoy my Homesick cold brew style. I put a teabag in my mason jar and let it steep for 8-12 hours. When I steep it this way I know I am getting the most out of the tea sachet. It's not to say that hot water can't do the trick, I just like my tea to be cold and to naturally bring out all the goodness from the leaves.

Oh you thought I was done? Let me tell you about Homesick boba tea I make on the side. After making oolong cold brew, I add in almond milk and a small batch of brown sugar tapioca that I've boiled for 5min. If I want to get a little fun then I add a hint of condensed milk to heighten the sweetness. You can have your very own oolong boba milk tea every weekend like myself and you'll never be homesick.

Whether you're enjoying Homesick hot or iced, it's a versatile tea to keep you company when you're at home. Try out the different ways I drink oolong and make the most of being stuck at home. 

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