The Baking Magic of Tea

Tea is often enjoyed as a beverage all throughout the day, but it has also been infused into baked goods to create a whole nother experience of flavor. There are many techniques to incorporate the flavor of tea into baked treats. Such as, leaving an incredible aroma and flavor, natural coloring, and aesthetic.

Infused Aroma and Flavor

Different ingredients can be used to incorporate the flavor of your favorite tea. Starting with butter as an example, flavored or compound butter is made for both savory and sweet projects. Unsalted butter is usually used as it serves as a great mild base that adds creaminess to any flavor infused in it. Making tea butter is surprisingly simple! All you need is strong loose leaf tea and unsalted butter cooked on low heat till the strength of the flavor is to your liking. Then strain the concoction and it is ready to be used in any recipe! This method can be used with any baking ingredients, but we recommend you try using this with  liquids. Such as milk, cream, or condensed milk.

Natural Coloring

Tea can be used to color baked goods naturally to give them an appetizing hue. Teas like black tea, have a rich dark amber pigment. The longer you steep the tea, the darker the tea becomes. When the color is concentrated enough, it is ready to color any plain baked goods into a gorgeous toasty color.


Using a food processor or mortar and pestle, tea leaves can be ground up into a finer grit and used directly in the batter as a dry ingredient. Not only does this give your baked goods a strong tea aroma and flavor, it adds a rustic speckled look. This trick produces aesthetically pleasing baked goods that also give a hint as to what the flavor is.

The uses for tea just seem endless! Now you know that you can enhance the flavor of your baked goodies with the techniques we've provided. Don't hesitate to try some of them out, and enjoy the refreshing taste of those treats with a satisfying cup of tea!






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