Mother's Day Bundle (Tea + Freshly Made Pastry)

Our moms and mother figures always deserve some extra love and care, but on Mother’s Day we dedicate the day to remembering all that they have done for us and reminding them, again, of just how much we love them. ⁠

This Mother’s Day, we wanted to offer an extra special treat for our moms out there, so we partnered with Joliminis to create a delicious and refreshing Mother’s Day Bundle. Spend quality time with mom over an aromatic cup of tea, and treat her to some delicious pastries that are sure to sweeten her day. ⁠

Included in the bundle (with free shipping!):⁠

Us Two Tea Blossom Set⁠
• 50g of loose leaf Osmanthus Oolong ⁠
• 50g of loose leaf Jasmines⁠

2 Jolimini Pastry Boxes⁠
• Mini Taiwanese pineapple cake⁠
• Lemony Matcha shortbread cookie⁠
• Strawberry Cookie Sandwich⁠
• Walnut Russian Tea Cake⁠

Spill the Tea 🍵 💖

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