Handmade Ceramic Tea bag Holder


Exclusive LNY collaboration with Uniqlay

Dimension: 3.75" diameter; 1" depth ; Microwave + dishwasher safe.

About Uniqlay: Lynn Chang, the founder, owner, designer, and maker of Uniqlay Ceramics grew up in Taiwan and came to the US alone when she was 14 years old. She started making pottery when she was 5 years old. 

Lynn’s mother is from the mountainous region in central Taiwan where tea is grown, bamboos are harvested, and many master potters reside. Working with pottery not only provides her a connection to her childhood in Taiwan, to her motherland, it is also her creative playground to unreservedly express her cultural duality as a Taiwanese immigrant in the US. 

Inspiration: The watercolor design is inspired by ancient Chinese landscape painting that’s traditionally done by ink that dates back thousands of years. In bringing this inspiration to life on a porcelain surface, calligraphic brushwork and technique are employed by Lynn in the glaze application process, the color choices bring about a modern iteration. The watercolor design is Lynn’s expression of her cultural duality as well as an interpretation of how she continues to master an ancient art form in the 21st century. (East meets West, Old meets New)

Lynn selected this particular design for the collaboration with Us Two Tea because this design represents the mountainous region where Lynn’s mother grew up - Nantou county - where many Us Two Tea’s premium tea leaves are sourced. The history of tea and that of ceramics are intertwined; one simply cannot discuss the rise in popularity of ceramics without talking about the spread of tea culture. The watercolor landscape design by Uniqlay Ceramics and Us Two Tea is the perfect duo for a well-lived modern lifestyle that pays tribute to our culture and heritage.  

Each piece is hand-brushed which makes each piece a unique piece of art. This design is exclusively designed and made for Us Two Tea in San Francisco, CA.

** 100% profits go to Uniqlay to support WOC-owned small business. 

Spill the Tea 🍵 💖

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