Premium Floral Tea

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What's in the box: 50g Osmanthus Oolong loose-leaf tea & 50g Jasmine loose-leaf tea. 

Our teas are sourced directly from family-run farms in Taiwan. We cut out the middle man, which means we get the freshest tea directly to you, making sure you get the most premium authentic Asian tea. 

Osmanthus Oolong is a fragrant green oolong from Nantou(Taiwan) that has been infused with dried osmanthus flowers. Green oolong is a warm, aromatic blend with grassy, fruity notes. Dried Osmanthus flowers add a vibrant and floral overtone to this delicate tea. A popular detoxifier in Chinese medicine, Osmanthus Oolong can help clear your skin and boost your metabolism.

Jasmine tea is a fragrant green tea from Puli(Taiwan) with dried jasmine blossoms added in. While caffeinated, Jasmine tea has a calming fragrance and is often enjoyed later in the day. Jasmine tea is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, helping keep your heart healthy and boosting brain function.