Family Tradition (BaoZhong)

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Description: A cozy tea for gathering and gratitude. A cup to share with the people who feel like home. Sip, play, and love.

Flavor profile: Floral, with a melon fragrance with notes of sugar and cream.

Benefit: Refresh your palate after a good meal. Our Taiwanese Bao Zhong tea is a warm treat for the soul without the guilt of a chocolate mousse and a joyful moment to remember. Buy our “Family Tradition” Bao Zhong tea on our website today.

Caffeine: 50%

Premium, Loose-Leaf Tea in 100% Biodegradable Teabags

Us Two Tea gives you another type of oolong from Asia. “Family Tradition” is our authentic, Taiwanese Bao Zhong tea (also called Pouchong tea) grown by second-generation farmers in the island country itself.

Bao Zhong translates to “wrapped kind,” a reference to the traditional method of wrapping tea leaves in paper so that it can fully dry. After a lengthy process of oxidizing, rolling, and drying, Taiwanese Bao Zhong tea leaves become open and twisted, and its coloring becomes a mix of light green and dark blue.

Once steeped, Bao Zhong produces a floral, melon-like fragrance. It also has a mild, sweet taste, like honeyed flowers. Since it is the least oxidized of all oolong teas, Bao Zhong is the best choice for those who like their tea light and not too bitter.

Good for Your Heart and Gut

Bao Zhong tea has long been a staple in folk medicine because of its soothing and healing properties. This specific type of Oolong tea is a rich source of catechins. These are natural antioxidants that prevent cellular damage, protects cells, and prevents free radicals from forming and promoting cellular aging.

Bao Zhong also contains amino acids and quercetin which are both beneficial for the heart. The former promotes heart health, while the latter keeps the blood vessels dilated so that oxygen- and nutrient-carrying blood can flow freely.

Taiwanese Bao Zhong tea has a high caffeine content, so it is an excellent alternative to your afternoon coffee. Not only will it perk up your senses, but it will also give you all the health benefits discussed above.