Let's sip together

To all the tea lovers,

When I started this company, I only had one goal in mind—to make tea more accessible to people in the U.S. Tea should be a drink for everybody. 

Along the journey, I met a lot of tea farmers my age. Residing in Taiwan, most are second or third generation. The tea farms were usually passed down from previous generations and those tending to the farms had spent their entire lives immersed in tea culture. Their passion and knowledge about tea deeply touched me and made me want to share it with my friends in the States.

For Us Two, we want to celebrate all the small moments in life which give us the greatest joy - a smile, a laugh, or a burst of creativity - alone or in the company of those we love. While you are enjoying these moments, we hope we are right there with you. 

Let's sip together. Just Us Two :) 

Ranmu Xue
Founder of Us Two Tea