A Story From the Heart: Our Journey

To all the tea lovers & future tea drinkers

To start, I want to thank everyone who has been on this journey with me. Having an idea and turning it into a business is as hard as it sounds. The experience is both challenging and rewarding. I especially want to thank the individuals that helped make this happen. 

To the members of the Us Two "Tea"m who have shared the gift of their time and talent, my dearest friends and family who believed in me and stood by me throughout every obstacle, and the strangers whom I've never met that decided to give our tea a try: I couldn't have done it without you ❤️.

Founder of UsTwoTea, Ranmu Xue

Ranmu(Maggie) Xue
Founder of Us Two 🍵, made with 💖in New York. 




Let’s build a brand together—just us two.

We want to build an Asian brand that reflects our culture, values, and lifestyle. Despite the fact that tea is the most consumed beverage in the world (not counting water), tea culture is very underrepresented in the U.S, especially Asian tea. We want to change that dialogue and speak to people in the same way that coffee connects people here. Us Two is a community, an attitude, and a lifestyle.


ustwotea, taiwanese looseleaf tea

Let’s sip together— just us two. 

We want to celebrate all the small moments in life which give us the greatest joy - a kiss, a smile, a laugh, or a burst of creativity - alone, or in the company of those we love. Each of our varieties speaks uniquely to a moment, a mood, a meaning in our lives that can be enjoyed or inspired in the company of great tea.