Origins Set (Blossom Tea Set + Handmade Ceramic Tea Mug)

$92 $107

What's included: Blossom Tea Set + One Handmade Tea Mug(Limited Edition)

This set tells the story of how tea and ceramics intertwine in Taiwanese history and culture. The ceramic mug will preserve the flavors of the Osmanthus and Jasmine tea leaves, making sure that each sip holds the full-bodied flavor of authentic Taiwanese tea. Each set comes with a mug that is uniquely hand-brushed and with tea that comes from the foothills of Taiwan - both originating from the mountainous Nantou County. A simple, but symbolic way of experiencing the rich culture of Taiwan without ever leaving your home. Celebrate Lunar New Year the traditional way.

"Ceramics and Tea. Never one without the other."

This tea mug is exclusively designed and made for Us Two Tea in San Francisco, CA. By Uniqlay Ceramics.

Spill the Tea 🍵 💖

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