Moments Bundle (Teabag holder + Big Variety Pack)

$58 $65

What's included: One Teabag Holder + Big Variety Pack

Tea is an essential aspect when it comes to the hectic preparation and lively celebration of the Lunar New Year. With so much excitement it can be difficult to truly be in each moment. LNY is all about looking forward to the new year with family and friends who we celebrate and reunite with. It is a time when we create cherished memories; It is a time when we are reminded of how invaluable shared moments with our loved ones really are, and how rare they can be. With this holiday bundle, you can enjoy all the important moments today and for the rest of the year.

“Living moment to moment”

In addition to this, you get a limited edition teabag holder created by Uniqlay, an authentic, Taiwanese ceramics company. The tea holder, with a beautiful, misty mountain view brushed onto it, holds your sachets between brews so that you can enjoy every moment and every sip. 

The teabag holder is exclusively designed and made for Us Two Tea in San Francisco, CA. By Uniqlay Ceramics.


Spill the Tea 🍵 💖

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