Health Benefits of True Tea

Tea is enjoyable any day of the week, but did you know that tea has multiple health benefits as well? Different types of tea have different benefits, but every tea is equally as delicious! Our teas at UsTwoTea are sure to be one of (if not the best) teas on the market. One of our teas, Pillowtalk: Jasmine tea is great for destressing after a long day, making it great for improving your state of mind and body. With a green tea base scented with jasmine flowers, it provides the tea drinker a pleasant floral taste. Coupled with studies citing the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits in green tea, our jasmine tea could help to keep your cells protected, your skin irradiant and healthy, while leaving you in a relaxed state of calm.

Our Oolong tea also has a multitude of benefits and is possibly the healthiest variety of tea. Oolong tea has many antioxidants, and in a study involving animals, it was found to lower bad cholesterol. Not only that, there are studies that drinking Oolong tea can decrease the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and strokes. It can also help with boosting dental health! Studies have also shown a boost in metabolism after drinking Oolong tea! Oolong tea can promote weight loss because of the partial oxidation process it goes through, which is different from black tea which is completely oxidized and green tea, which is not. Oolong tea also improves your immune system. What separates our Homesick: Oolong Tea from other brands on the market though is that we carefully source it directly from authentic, family owned Taiwanese farms that use traditional farming methods ensuring no pesticides are used; making it healthier than tea leaves treated with other chemical means. 

Baozhong tea, simply put, is a mix of green and oolong tea. Since Baozhong tea isn’t exactly Oolong or green tea, but a rare mix of both; it shares the health benefits of both green and Oolong tea (plus a little more). Baozhong tea not only improves dental health, it also improves bone health by being rich in potassium, helping bones heal over time! Baozhong tea also has a catechin compound that prevents bad breath due to it preventing bacteria growth. Since Baozhong tea shares extremely light oxidation properties during its cultivation, it is also anti-inflammatory and helps to lower blood sugar levels after a hearty meal. Baozhong tea is the best of both worlds! Baozhong tea is not widely known in the US, but our Family Tradition: Baozhong Tea is sure to be some of the highest quality tea found in the West. Give it a try!

Black tea is among one of the most popular types of tea consumed in the west. With its high caffeine content, it is a great and healthy replacement for coffee. However its uses don’t stop there. Black tea is also beneficial to your health! With its high caffeine content, it boosts energy and promotes focus. Black tea also has antioxidant properties like most true teas, meaning it could decrease the risk of chronic diseases. Our Manhattan Black: Black Tea is also known for its specific dark ruby color and subtle notes of honey. Not only does it taste delicious, it also boosts brain function, making it great for a daily treat. 

Tea is amazing for your health, whether it’s for skin, dental, bone, your mind or heart! To make it even more worthwhile, the taste of each of our teas are decadent and delicately tailored for anyone to enjoy. Whether you like a floral, herbal, melon, or a honeyed taste; each tea should have a place in your day! It’s great for health-conscious people who also want to enjoy a sweet treat, making it the best of both worlds: healthy AND delicious! 

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