The Beautiful and Unexpected Encounter

Let’s start on a selfish note — I created this tea set for myself. It was personal and a promise. Many people have never heard of Osmanthus Oolong because it’s very rare to find in the U.S market. Osmanthus is a special type of flower growing in East Asia. Taiwanese farmers use it to scent the tea to create this unique fragrance and taste.

It feels nostalgic — drinking this tea in my tiny New York apartment transports me back to the unexpected encounters and wondrous memories with the tea farmers in Taiwan. I found them accidentally by getting lost in the mountain without any GPS signal. I remember it being a cloudy day when I decided to just keep driving with the hope of finding a way home. I ended up following this small road, which led me to a house in the middle of the mountains. Fully surrounded by trees, I opened the window and noticed a mellow jasmine floral scent in the air. 


As I pulled the car over, a young man approached me and asked if I needed help. He told me that he and his father grew tea in the mountains and that their farm was nearby. He invited me into his home and he and his father sat and talked with me for hours. I explained to them why I was visiting Taiwan and how I got lost. At that moment, I can still clearly remember the happiest and most contagious smiles that appeared on their faces - so pure and sincere that it seemed to light up the world. They then poured me a cup of their homemade iced-tea and asked me to try it. It was one of the best iced tea I’ve ever had. It was so refreshing, smooth, and full of fragrance. That was the first time I tried Osmanthus Oolong. They packed a small bag of tea as a gift for me to bring home and I promised them that I would come back.

One year later, here we are with “The Blossom” tea set - the best farm to table experience — from their home to yours. 

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